Make lemonade

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The norwegian summer feels amazing these days ! The weather is better than ever, and everything get’s so much easier. The last weeks have been back and forth, but I do my best to enjoy the good days !img_6616-1d74de972-05c3-4261-aa3c-fa8bf16a9498c3bbb327-794d-449b-9f6a-ae324b766d3cdca155c1-e451-41bd-95ac-bd33ceb1fb59a9adc919-e802-4d81-98e4-23a1510c8595Photo: Frode Vestgarden



Jeanett Olsen Jeanett Olsen

Søndag var en fantastisk dag ! Kjæresten og jeg brukte mye tid sammen, og avsluttet kvelden med Indisk middag. Ellers var jeg så heldig å få både blomster, kort og magasiner han vet jeg elsker. Takk kjære ♥

Street style – Inspiration.


Street style inspiration for this fall / winter. I always have a look trough Pinterest when I feel like adding some new ideas to my creativity. Most of us girls have a lot of clothes in our closet, and it’s a shame that we always feel like buying new ones. What we really need is inspiration. Thats why i share this with you. I hope you’ll find use in the clothes you all ready got in your closet, and learn new ways of styling it !

Todays mood.

bilde 1 bilde 2 I just love sundays like today. Wearing my pajamas, drinking coffee and lying in the arms of my man.